Experts & Associates


Mr Shadrack Ramosa

(MBA, B.Com Honours, B.Com & ODETDP & Aviation Certificates.)

Key Positions Held: Chairperson of a Board, Non Executive Director, CEO & General or Executive Manager or Vice President and Vice Chairperson of Licensing Council

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Corporate Governance, Sales & Marketing, Aero-Political Affairs, Air Services Licensing, FOPs, including Aircraft Operating Certificates, Remote Piloted Aircraft Operating Certificates, Development of Safety & Security Manuals, Master-plans, Strategic Business Plans, Sourcing of Aircraft and Alliance Strategy, Identification, Negotiations and Airport / Helipad / Heliport / Licensing & Management.


Mr Sean Murphy

[SFM: Associates] (MSc – Engineering & Other Aviation Certificates)

Key Positions Held: Board Director, Head of Aircraft Maintenance, Modifications & Spares, Technical & Sales Manager – Fixed Wing and Rotary.

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Development & Implementation Manual Of Procedures and individual processes for Aircraft Maintenance Organization (AMO)/Maintenance Repair Organization (MRO),  AMO/MRO Facility Audits, LEAN Implementation in AMO/MROs, Technical Record Inspection, Airworthiness Status Reports, Pre and Post Sale/Lease Technical Records Inspection, Maintenance Planning



Mr Jerome Simelane [JS: Associates] (BSc & Diploma in Business Admin.)

Key Positions Held: Vice President or Executive Manager and Revenue Manager

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Route Planning – Network & Profitability, Capital Planning, Fleet Planning, Revenue Management and Pricing.


Mr Gary Renault

[GR: Associates] (Diploma, N2 Technical Eng & Other Aviation  Certificates)

Key Positions Held: Board Director, CEO and Executive Manager

Areas of Specialization/ Short Profile: Safety Management System (SMS) Development & Implementation, IOSA & ISAGO Audits, Aviation Security & Quality Management, Aviation Ground Handling Services  and Airport Management including Development of Safety & Security Manuals and Master-plans.


Ms Dimakatso Ramosa

(BA – CUR, N – Diploma & Diploma – ODETDP & Other Leadership and Financial based Certificates)

Key Positions Held: Board Director, Human Resource Executive Manager, Community Developer, Industrial Nursing & General-, Midwife- & Psychiatric Nursing & Manager of Graduate Internship, Artisans & Development Program and Human Resource Consultant.

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Human Resource Management, Aviation Recruitment, Training, Skills Audit, Dispute Resolution Management, Wellness Programs, Career Counseling, Motivational Talks and Team Buildings.


Ms Mercy Mashiane


Key Positions Held: Board Director, Legal Adviser, Legal Compliance Officer and Human Resource Consultant, including Labour Relations and Dispute Resolution Services

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Legal Compliance, Legal Advice Services, Air Services Licensing, Dispute Resolution Services, Contract Management, Training and Facilitation, AFSA – Arbitrator and Mediator with the Court Annexed Mediation for Magistrate Courts.


Mr Greaves Moyo

[GM: Associate] (Diploma Quality Engineering)

Key Positions Held: Airport and Airline Manager

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Airport Operations Management, Airline Ground Handling Services, Air Traffic Control Services and Quality Related Documentations.



 Mr Errol Goodman

[EG: Associate] (CPA, B.Compt Honours & B.Compt)

Key Positions Held: Executive Manager and Financial Consultant.

Areas of Specialisation/ Short Profile: Financial Management & Planning, Accounting Services, Digital Marketing and ITC, including Software Functions.


Mr Wilfred Mogudi

[WM: Associate] (MBL, B.Com & Other Aviation Certificates.)

Key Positions Held: Operations Executive Manager and SACAA Quality & Compliance Inspector

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Airline & Airport Operations Management, Development & Implementation of SMS, Safety & Security Manuals, Aviation Quality Documentations.


Mr Isaac Makunyane

[IM: Associate] (B. Admin, Postgraduate Diploma in Transport & Entrepreneur Certificate)

Key Positions Held: Executive Chairperson, CEO, Cargo Aero-Political Manager and Consultant

Areas of Specialization / Short Profile: Cargo Management, Safety, Security & Operations Manuals, AOCs, Contract Management and Capital Management.